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The California Dept. of Public Health has great information on many different subjects. Here’s just some things you might find interesting:

   Asbestos  (Wikipedia)

   Radon  (CA Dept of Public Health)

   Carbon Monoxide (CO) in Your Home  (CA Environmental Protection Agency)

   Mold and Moisture  (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

   Lead  (CA Dept of Public Health)

   Drinking Water  (CA Dept of Public Health)

Aluminum Branch Circuit Wiring

   Aluminum Wiring Information  (InspectAPedia)

   Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Panels  (InspectAPedia)

Exterior Insulated Finishing System (EIFS)

   Exterior Insulated Finishing System  (Wikipedia)

Attics and Insulation:

   Energy Savers Tips  (US Dept of Energy)

Consumer Watch and Product Safety

   Furnace Recall  (Consumer Watch)

   U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Helpful resources for home remodeling projects:

   This Old House

   Ask The Builder


   Do It Yourself

   Expert Advice On Home Improvement

   How To Operate Your Home

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